Postcard Exchange

I no longer handle Brownie Troop 484 in Germany and I do not believe the new leader is interested in continuing with the Postcard Exchange. Feel free to print this postcard out though from the Year 07-08. I am currently trying to find a Brownie Troop in TEXAS for my daughters to attend, so if you need a postcard from TEXAS please fill free to let me know! It will not be coming from a Girl Scout Troop though, just me and my daughters and our Mascot Lily! Thanks!

Our Troop is involved in a Postcard Exchange through

We are trading postcards with 25 Girl Scout Troops all over the world. Due to funds we cannot trade with anymore troops. So I made this beautiful postcard that anyone can print out for their troop. Enjoy!

If you take our Postcard for your troop, Please leave a message on our Guestbook for our Troop to read. Thank you!

Right Click on the Postcard and click Print Picture or Save the Image to your Computer by Right Clicking, Save as and then Print it out. Thank you for participating in Our Postcard Troop Exchange!