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Fun Games For Troop Meetings

Ball Toss Name Game

Stand the girls in a circle Leader throws one the ball, they say their name, all daisy’s repeat the name, then daisy passes the ball to someone else.

Daisy-To-Daisy or Brownie-To-Brownie

All the girls line up in two rows facing each other. Leader calls out a body part (i.e. "elbow to elbow", "knee to knee", "foot to foot", "hands to hands", "shoulder to shoulder", etc.). When "Daisy to Daisy or Brownie to Brownie" is called, the girls all switch places.

Musical Chairs

Set up chairs for how many Daisies there are. Play music while they walk slowly around the chairs. When the music goes off, all Daisies must find a chair to sit in. Whoever doesn't have a chair is out and then one chair must be removed. Play until the last Daisy is sitting!


Number of kids: Enough to maneuver the parachute or sheet. A few adults will help.

How the game is played: Have the children hold the edges of the blanket. Say, "I hear thunder! I think it's going to rain!" while helping them shake the parachute or sheet. Lift the parachute or sheet high and let it fall, while calling the kids, one at a time, to run under the parachute or sheet. ("Sarah! It's raining! Run under the umbrella!") When everyone is under, play again. This time, have everyone get under the umbrella at once.

Tips for adults: Some children just don't like having things put over their heads or faces, so watch to make sure that all kids are feeling safe and happy. If someone doesn't want to run under the parachute, you can say, "Josh likes the rain. He's going to help hold our umbrella!"


One leader has a bag of listed emotions on different pieces of paper. Each Daisy grabs a piece of paper out of the bag and sits in a circle. The other leader chooses a Daisy to stand in front of the circle and act out her emotion (leader may need to read the paper for her). Daisies try to figure out what emotion she is showing. Each take a turn.


Divide the group into two. One group leaves the room. The second group picks someone and covers them with a blanket. The first group comes back in and has to guess who is missing. We give three chances. Then the groups switch. Our girls really like this game. They try to fool the others by placing more than one under the blanket. They've also put a leader under and had two girls hide to fool the others.

Heart Bean Bag Toss

Heart Bean Bags are made during Craft time. Each girl gets to throw bean bags at a homemade bean bag toss board to get them in the holes. Each girl gets a turn!

Hot Potato

Stand or sit in a circle. Toss a "potato" (ball or something round like a potato) from person to person while you play music. When the music goes off, whoever holds the "potato" is out! Then start again until there is one person left!

Musical Chairs

Set up chairs for how many Daisies there are. Play music while they walk slowly around the chairs. When the music goes off, all Daisies must find a chair to sit in. Whoever doesn't have a chair is out and then one chair must be removed. Play until the last Daisy is sitting!


Spread out several sheets of newspaper scattered on the floor of the playing area. These are the Islands. Players are to roam around the playing area until the leader yell "shark". Then the players must get on an Island, their feet can't touch the floor. At another signal they roam the playing area again and the leader takes away one of the Islands. Play continues until only one Island is left. It's great fun to see lots of Sparks crammed onto one sheet of paper. Be sure to tell them that co- operation is the key to this game.

Bunny and Egg - GS Easter Version

One girl sits in a chair blindfolded. The others sit around her in a circle.

A small item (the egg) is placed under the chair. The leader points (quietly) to a girl who then has to try to get the "egg" without the "Bunny" hearing her. If the bunny hears the egg being taken, she screams "daisy" and another girl tries. If the bunny doesn't hear, she takes off her blindfold and has 3 guesses as to who stole the egg. If you guess right, you switch with the thief.


This game comes from a Games book published by the Bharat Scouts and Guides (India). It is attributed to the Catholic Boy Scouts of Ireland.
Blindfolds for half your group.
The Leader is the lighthouse. Half the troop (pack, company) are ships, and put on the blindfolds at one end of the room. The other half are rocks, and distribute themselves on the floor between the ships and the lighthouse. Please ask the rocks to keep their hands and feet in to minimize tripping. The rocks also should not clump up.
The lighthouse goes "WOO WOO" to guide the ships. The rocks go "SWISH, SWISH" quietly to warn the ships of their presence. On go, the ships navigate between the rocks to the lighthouse. If they touch a rock, they are sunk and must sit on the floor (and go "swish, swish" also). When all the ships have made it to the lighthouse (or have been sunk), the rocks and ships switch places.

Juliette Low Action Game

Directions for the Juliette Low Action Game

This is fast and fun way to teach girls and adults a little bit about our founder, Juliette Gordon Low. It’s a great energizer or diversion if girls or adults have been sitting too long!

Before the training: Cut the 9 action cards and glue each one to an index card. If you can laminate them so much the better.

Gather your group in a circle, either sitting or standing and randomly distribute the cards to the participants. If necessary, double or triple up. If there are fewer than 9 participants, ask for volunteers for duel roles.

Make sure you have an even number for LONDON because the participants have to make a bridge!

Explain to the participants that as you read “The Story of Juliette Low”; when their word or words are read, they are to follow the instructions on their action cards. Encourage creativity in their performances.

Read the story slowly, allowing time for participants to “perform”.

At the end of the story ask participants how they could use this activity with their troop.

Juliette Low Action Game Cards

JULIETTE LOW: Make a muscle and say, Together we can make a difference!”

GEORGIA: Jump up and say “Hey y’all!”

HORSES: Jump up and say “Neigh!”

LONDON: Make an arm bridge and sing, “London Bridge is Falling Down…”

LORD BADEN POWELL: In your best English accent, bow and say, “How do you do?”

BOY SCOUTS: Make the Boy Scout sign and say: “Be Prepared!”

GIRLS: Jump up and down and shout, “We want to have fun too!”

GIRL SCOUT or GIRL SCOUTS: Stand up and sing, “Girl Scouts Together…”

COW: Stand up and “Moo!”


During the early 1900’s there lived a woman named JULIETTE LOW in Savannah, GEORGIA, who loved HORSES and loved to travel.

JULIETTE LOW traveled to LONDON where she met LORD BADEN POWELL, the founder of BOY SCOUTS. When JULIETTE LOW saw what great things LORD BADEN POWELL was doing for boys through the BOY SCOUTS, she decided that she could start an organization like the BOY SCOUTS for GIRLS.

Her organization would later become the GIRL SCOUTS of the USA.

After learning all she could from LORD BADEN POWELL in LONDON, she returned to Savannah, GEORGIA, where she started the GIRL SCOUTS. This was an organization where GIRLS could learn new skills and become independent during a time in history where GIRLS were supposed to be seen and not heard, where women could not vote, where women only wore dresses and stayed home most of the time.

JULIETTE LOW had GIRLS in a kind of trousers called pantaloons doing exciting activities indoors and outdoors! Her first GIRL SCOUT troop even rode HORSES regular style and not side saddle – which was the “proper” way for GIRLS to ride a HORSE!

JULIETTE LOW was not only an independent and strong woman; she was a kind person too. There is a story about her during her childhood where, on a cold night she took here mother’s good blanket to cover her favorite COW in the barn. JULIETTE LOW was worried that the COW would get cold. When her mother asked her later about the good blanket and was quite cross, JULIETTE LOW told her mother about her concern for the COW and all was forgiven!

Aren’t you glad that a strong, independent, kind woman like JULIETTE LOW, who loved her COW, went to LONDON, met LORD BADEN POWELL, learned about BOY SCOUTS, got excited for America’s GIRLS, went back to GEORGIA and founded the first GIRL SCOUT troop with HORSE saddles blazing so we could all be here today!

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