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Our Mascot Schedule:

  • Dec. 07 ~ Jan. 08
Troop #373 is located in Flordia and is a multi-level troop of 2 Juniors and 7 Cadettes. They also have a sister troop of 7 Brownies that meets at the same time they do. They are all homeschooled.

Their Website:
Their Mascot Page: Daisy Manatee

Pictures of Our Troop with Daisy Manatee can be found HERE!

Pictures of Lily in Flordia:

Dec 16, 2007 - Lily arrived in St. Petersburg, Flordia.
Dec 20, 2007 - Lily decorated gingerbread houses.
Jan 1, 2008 - Lily went to see the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks.
Jan 8, 2008 - Lily went to their council offices. Lily also got to play with the patches in the store. She liked their new council patch best!
Jan 18, 2008 - Lily went to an acrobatics show and then to a service unit encampment. Lily was covered in swaps! She was the life of the party. She's also went through her 1st tornado watch and power outage! She was very brave!
Jan 30, 2008 - Lily is on her way back today!
Feb 11, 2008 - Lily is HOME! YAY!

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